CNC Machining.

Steel structures.

The Offer

‘Mazurek Metal’ Company was established in 1992. We manufacture metal products. We are well organised company that employs a strong and professional group of employees.

We’ve started from a small metal workshop on making our name throughout the country. Over time – with discipline, commitment, well-trained group od employees and the production control with a substantial group of satisfied customers in the whole European Union.

Metal industry has very specific characteristics. The products we create has to face the demands of business areas such as:

  • industial logistics
  • conveyor belts
  • internal transport lines
  • platforms
  • steel structures for the food industry
  • metal structures for the counstruction industry
  • individual products based on design documentation provided by the Client

Thanks to investments in innovation, both in the machine na dthe training of personel, we are able to compete with other companies at the highest level. We invite to cooperate with us knowing that we are able to meet the expectations of demanding customers, operating in very difficult market.

Our phones and e-mai lboxes are waiting for you to contact us. Every call and every e-mail won’t be left unanswered.

We also accept special assignment, which requires us to perform extra analysis and design work.